You’ve landed here either a) by chance (unlikely), b) because you found something I wrote for the Internet and had to explore further (almost as unlikely) or c) we’re friends and you’re an extra good friend because you’ve clicked this link, probably thinking ‘Might as well see what she says when it’s all gone to hell in a handbasket’. In any case, welcome and thanks for coming.

In the coming posts, I’ll be writing about my travel prep for Norway, condensing a solid 2 months worth of prep work into ~400 words, detailing some packing lists so you don’t make the same mistakes I have, and posting some totes drool-worthy pics of fjords, foods and other things. 

Really, I meant to have more posted by now, but I’ve been watching A LOT of The Fosters, so I’ll write on the 7.5 hour plane ride from Chicago to London. 

UNTIL THEN, feel free to follow this lil tumblr blog, find me on Instagram or follow me on Twitter